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Ekow Nyamekye Tawiah is an educationist and a geographer with interests in geospatial sciences and natural resources management. Previous background in education and social studies which is an integration of all the social sciences (sociology, history, psychology, economics and geography as a major) makes him approach problem solving with multi-perspectives.

With present skills in environmental mapping and modelling he passionately focuses on anthropogenic and natural factors that are continually interacting leading to environmental ramifications. 

Today this curious, resourceful and gifted geo-spatial expert prefers a collaborative approach to societal and scientific problems, hence the birth of Environment & Agroforestry Foundation – (EAF).

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Executive Director for Agroforestry and Social Livelihood


Emma Baah Agyapong is  specialises in agroforestry, biodiversity and livelihood empowerment programmes.

She focuses primarily on HIV/AIDS awareness creation activities in selected communities in Ghana,  including community mobilization and training in sustainable environment. 

Her experience in stock survey, plantation establishment, forest management, and forestry extension works, compels her to embark on community mobilization and education of environmental protection and forest wildfire prevention. 

The concept of establishing the organisation- Environment & Agroforestry Foundation (EAF) was mooted by her.

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